Hello and welcome to Eurasian Epicurean!  My name’s Ken Duenwald, someone who’s half asian, half white, and someone who’s passionate about food, hence the name :).  My interest in food spans many different types of cuisines to many different types of food preparation to many different interests in food history to many different locations where food can be found.  Some of my biggest cuisine interests include:

-American cuisine (mmm, comforting)

-Japanese cuisine

-Italian cuisine

-Indian cuisine

-Chinese cuisine

-Korean cuisine

-British cuisine (it doesn’t have to be bland if done right XD)

-Mexican cuisine

-Vietnamese cuisine

-And many others

I am not a food expert, nor am I an expert on any of the topics I write about, and I do not work professionally as a chef or food critic.  I’m merely just an ordinary everyday dude who happens to love food and one day, I decided to simply put my eclectic interests into words on this blog.  Please feel free to comment, but I ask that you keep your words clean, constructive, and civilized so that everyone can read and enjoy this blog.  Angry, aggressive, or inappropriate comments will not be approved.

Expect to find a variety of topics on anything and everything food!  Feel free to email me with any questions or topic requests at kdduenwald@gmail.com.  You may also add me on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/kenkou) or check out my other blogs including my personal thought and spirituality blog (http://eurasianken.wordpress.com) and my commercial aviation blog (http://eurasianaviation.wordpress.com).

Bon Appetit!


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