A taste of Germany in San Francisco: Schroeder’s Restaurant

OK first off, some bad news.  I ended up losing all my Christmas food pictures due to memory card error.  But the good news is the food wasn’t too different from the thanksgiving food I made last month, so if you’re looking for tips on turkey, stuffing, or potatoes for your next big meal, swing on over here: https://eurasianepicurean.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/thanksgiving2/

Moving on, we’re exploring food from Germany, something I haven’t done in a long time despite being quarter German.  Since we can’t make a trip to Germany yet though, we’ll go for something a little more local: Schroeder’s Restaurant in downtown San Francisco (pronounced “ShREIders”, rhymes with “Raiders”).  I went here with my dad for lunch on Wednesday and it was certainly an experience as you can see in some of the pics below.

Schroeder's Restaurant in San Francisco is a small restaurant/pub specializing in German food

A look at some of Schroeder's menu items

This place was definitely very German-esque and a great place for a drink or to catch a game of soccer (international football).  The FA Premier’s Chelsea and Bolton Wanderers were playing that day.  Not surprisingly, this place gets packed during the World Cup.  But anyways, let’s go on to the food.

Coleslaw and Potato Salad, both with a very tart flavor coming from vinegar

I started out with a couple classics: Coleslaw and Potato Salad.  Very mild, but both were flavored with a lot of vinegar so it’s likely an acquired taste for those who enjoy it.

The main course consisting of goose, sauerkraut, red cabbage, an item that tasted like a soft bread, and a potato dumpling

The main course was a roast goose (a special item that day) served with sauerkraut, and red cabbage.  You’ll also notice two other white items, one smaller than the other and I unfortunately cannot remember exactly what they are.  But from I remember tasting, the smaller item tasted like a potato dumpling (kinda like gnocchi, but softer and not as chewy).  The larger item tasted like a soft and chewy bread.  Again, I don’t remember their exact names.  If you do, please comment!

I have never had goose before in my life and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.  For those who aren’t familiar with goose, it is all dark meat with a very crispy skin.  Boy that skin was good, kind of like duck skin but thicker!  The flavor itself is fairly mild and the meat is a bit tougher near the bone but some of the meat further from the bone fell off beautifully and tasted quite moist.  The sauerkraut was good too; mild and slightly tart but nothing too intense.  And the red cabbage was actually very sweet.  Like the potato salad and coleslaw, the red cabbage also had flavor coming from vinegar.

More of the items that came with the goose. The meatloaf near the top was from dad's meatloaf sandwich

So there you have it, a little taste of Germany in San Francisco without the transatlantic flight.  It’s definitely different from what a lot of us may be used to, but its also exciting and worth a taste for both locals and tourists.  For more info, including a look at their versatile menu and special events like Oktoberfest, click here: http://www.schroederssf.com/

Bon appetit!


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