Honey Lemon Tea using fresh from the hive honey

Remember my fresh fish article?  See https://eurasianepicurean.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/freshmackerel/ if not.  Like I mentioned there, there’s no fish like freshly caught fish.  And theres certainly no honey like freshly harvested honey from a hive.  Today we received a package from Japan from one of my aunts (my mom’s sister-in-law) and one of the many items in the package was freshly harvested honey straight from the hive to the jar!  Very sweet and very fragrant.  So I decided to use it to make some honey lemon tea.  Here are some images:

A jar of sweet and freshly harvested honey from Japan.

Mom holding the jar of honey.

Honey being drizzled into the tea

The finished Honey Lemon Tea

Emily actually got me into making Honey Lemon Tea as a cold and cough remedy (after much persuasion on her part, haha).  Its a good remedy though, very soothing and naturally sweet without any added sugar.  Its also good even when you’re not sick, especially on cold days.  Boil water, pour over a tea bag (I used YAMAMOTOYAMA® brand green tea; bought a package of 15 bags for $1.50), drizzle two “honey drippers”-worth (the wooden thing used to pour honey) of honey into the tea, and add a squeeze of lemon juice.  I added a slice of lemon for a nice extra and a bit more residual lemon juice.  And yes, like I said, there’s no honey quite like fresh honey.

Bon appetit!


One Response to “Honey Lemon Tea using fresh from the hive honey”

  1. if you also add some tangerine peels into the mix, it’s also serves as an effective remedy. in fact, that’s what i’m drinking right now. thanks for getting me sick. jerk.

    hahhaha just kidding. love you, babe.

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