The best popcorn I’ve ever eaten

I’ve eaten many types and brands of popcorn in my life, but none have come close to my all-time favorite: Gold Rush Kettle Corn.

Gold Rush Kettle Corn, truly the best popcorn I've ever eaten

Notice the light caramel coloring on the popcorn? The caramel colored finish adds a perfect sweet compliment to the savory flavor of the popcorn.

This popcorn is so unique because it has a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors in addition to a slightly crispy exterior that comes from the method of kettle cooking.  Its a flavor thats very hard to put into detailed words, but once you eat them, you’ll get it immediately.  Its been a favorite of mine ever since I first ate them roughly a year or more ago and my mom has bought them for me every time I’ve visited San Francisco.  I’ve brought some back to Southern California for my church and everyone there can’t get enough of them!  These bags of kettle corn are good for parties or entertaining.  They are also great for kids as well because they are all-natural and a good alternative to fattier snacks like chips or cookies.  And if you’re a fan of organic, you’ll love these as well because they only require a few ingredients and they are natural ingredients that are easy for anyone to pronounce, haha.

Locations on where you can find Gold Rush Kettle Corn can be found on their website here:  They come in sealed bags and are already good enough when bought from retail stores.  But if you happen to live in or are planning to visit the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly encourage you to make a trip to one of the local farmer’s markets where you can buy the popcorn freshly popped in front of you.  They pop ’em the old fashioned way in a giant hot kettle with salt and sugar.  Its really exciting to see and sometimes, if you get lucky, you’ll get a nice morsel of solid brown sugar on the bottom of the bag.  A couple farmer’s markets that have them are at Serramonte Mall in Daly City (Thursdays) and at Stonestown Mall in San Francisco (Sundays I believe).  The website listed above has more farmer’s market listings in addition to retail listings.

Bon Appetit!


One Response to “The best popcorn I’ve ever eaten”

  1. they’re okaaayyy… hahahah. they’re not bad.

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