My roommate’s take on fried chicken

Alright, so I woke up fairly late this morning (I was up til 3 am writing the guacamole and truffle cream cheese article) but my roommate made this really tasty fried chicken, so good I decided to post it up here.  I don’t have an exact recipe, but its a fairly standard procedure for making fried chicken breasts.  Slice the breasts until they are fairly thin, tenderize them (pound them), drench them in coating and seasonings, and pan fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.  These were very flavorful, tender, and very crispy.  Here’s what was used for coating:

Tapioca Starch, the outer coating

This stuff did the job very well and from what I tasted, the chicken was coated quite generously with it.  You can find these at any Asian supermarket but apparently flour works alright too.  By generously, I mean generously.

A type of Japanese seasoning. All I know is that there's pepper and garlic in it

I have to tell you, I’m very proficient in reading hiragana and katakana (the actual Japanese characters) but I suck horribly at reading the kanji (the Chinese characters).  Sucks cause I’m part Japanese.  So all I know about this yummy seasoning is that there’s pepper and garlic in it and that it apparently goes good with barbecue, steak, french fries, hamburgers, salmon steak, and “yakitori” (grilled chicken pieces on a skewer).  You can find these at Daiso (lovely Japanese store with very cheap goodies) or likely any Japanese supermarket.

White Pepper Powder

Fairly standard white pepper powder.  Easily found anywhere 🙂

A finished piece of fried chicken

Yep, like I said, tender, juicy, crispy, and delicious.  Apparently you’re gonna need to keep plenty of oil on hand because the tapioca starch absorbs the oil pretty quickly.  A reason why pan frying is a good alternative to deep frying according to yes, Alton Brown, is that pan frying gives moisture a way out so that the crust doesn’t turn into a solid hard shell.  If the skin becomes a hard shell, the entire thing comes off when you take that first bite.  I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced that when eating chicken from KFC.  With pan frying however, you’ll end up getting some crust in every bite.

Keep watch for an article on how to make one of my childhood (and adulthood) favorites, Chicken Katsu or Japanese-style fried chicken.  Good job Daniel!

Bon Appetit!


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