Thanksgiving Food! Round 1

There are definitely many things to be thankful for this year!  And one of the things our church can definitely be thankful for is the privilege to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast before another Thanksgiving feast that will take place later in the week!  Sunday, November 21, 2010 was the day of our thanksgiving celebration at church complete with loads of delicious food!  So lets get into what was on the menu that day!  Apologies for the some of the picture qualities.  I didn’t realize some of the pics were bad until i uploaded them and by the time I did, well, there wasn’t any food left for a second picture haha.  But anyways, enjoy!

Ahh, the star of the show!  This turkey was brined and roasted by our Pastor’s father-in-law.  The skin was very crispy and the meat was nice and tender, especially the dark meat.  I’m a huge fan of dark meat on any bird, absolutely full of flavor!

Of course, no turkey meal’s complete without the stuffing.  Growing up, I never actually understood what stuffing was until probably middle school, but I always remember it being one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving dinner!  Never had a chance to eat it year-round either, which definitely added to the appreciation of the dish.

Who says ham is only for Christmas?  Moist slices of ham with cranberries in the middle were a nice compliment to the meal.  Notice the darker meat kind of near the bottom.  Yep, just like on the turkey, the dark meat of the ham was very intensely flavored.

You know, I clearly remember taking a picture of this dish, but it wasn’t on my camera for some reason.  But no worries, I brought some leftovers home and was able to take a picture of what was left.  But anyways, this is our worship leader Steve’s take on Macaroni and Cheese, a gourmet version made with Asiago cheese.  Yes, as expected, clearly the most aromatic dish in the room and Steve claimed that he apparently made about 10,000 calories worth of it, wow!  The rolls next to it were also part of the meal that day.

Steve’s girlfriend Jessica made the mashed potatoes, always a favorite around thanksgiving!  And apparently one of the ingredients was actually mayonnaise.  Very different, but very creamy and delicious at the same time!  Nice job!

The garlic bread was made by me, haha.  Garlic was ground up into a paste before being spread over French bread slices with butter and oregano.  Baked at around 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes just long enough to melt the butter and crisp the crust.

I think the chicken got jealous of the turkey and decided to crash the party!  Sorry for the blurred picture.  Fried chicken wings which were actually very crispy and had a very sweet flavor.  Couldn’t tell what it was, but certainly a hit as it was gone quickly before the turkey was, haha.

The second wave of jealous chickens came in salad form this time!  Very creamy with refreshing veggies added a nice contrast to the rest of the meal.  “You are indeed a worthy opponent!” said the turkey.

Always a favorite for me while growing up!  Macaroni salad.  Good with sandwiches and just about anything or in this case, a thanksgiving meal.  And not a bad compliment to the mac and cheese either.

Fresh fruit to help ease off high calorie items.  Note the better picture of the chicken salad on the bottom right.

No meal’s complete without a bit of dessert.  Or should i say way more than a bit.  Chocolate brownies, pumpkin pie, jello, and lemon meringue pie call for a sweet ending to the meal…if theres still room that is, haha.

Yes, we needed extra large plates for this party!  I brought some food home too and had some at work for lunch and some more for dinner just now.  Stay tuned for more thanksgiving meals later this week!  Bon appetit!


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