Greetings and good eatings!

Greetings folks!  Name’s Ken Duenwald, I’m part asian, part caucasian, and I love food, hence the name “Eurasian Epicurean.”  Welcome to my third blog, this one specifically aimed at topics related to everything food.  You can check out my other two blogs at which is geared toward my personal thoughts and spiritual life as well as aimed at my other passion of commercial aviation.

Why a food blog now?  One boring summer in 2008, with no job, no classes, and nothing else to do, I found myself constantly watching food network and becoming increasingly interested in how many dishes come together in addition to fun facts and history behind our favorite foods.  Later that year, I began cooking for myself for the first time during college and began to develop a real appreciation for food, its history, and its many ways of being prepared.

Being Eurasian, my take on food is very eclectic.  I like so many different kinds of cuisines ranging from Japanese to Chinese to Korean all the way to Italian to French to British to good ol’ hearty comfort food from the U.S. and to everything in between.  Food is about as diverse as this world so theres so much to share and I’m a big fan of both traditional favorites in addition to avant garde creations.

Anything food is the topic of this blog.  From markets to recipes to techniques to eateries and anything in between, I hope to put all my thoughts right here on Eurasian Epicurean!  Feel free to send me an email at on anything including questions or topic requests.

Bon appetit


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