Food from Home—Part 2

The second part of the food Emily and I encountered in the bay area.  Enjoy.

Chicken wings and the famous garlic fries from AT&T Park, home of the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants!

My fascination with Indian food is a very recent one. This one's from Darbar Restaurant in Palo Alto.

A hearty mussell linguine pasta from an Italian restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco.

A Farmer's Market in Daly City, just south of San Francisco.

Quick food with flavor from the Quick Grill at Serramonte Mall food court, near the Farmer's Market.

The many elements of a Japanese favorite, Shabu Shabu, at a restaurant in Mountain View, CA.

A flavorful veggie pizza from Grande Pizzeria right next to San Jose State where my sister is studying.

A gourmet chocolate cupcake from another part of San Jose near the SJSU campus.

Happy sweet breads from Clover Bakery, a Japanese bakery with many eclectic breads north of downtown San Jose.

All images were taken by Emily and can also be found on Facebook.

Bon Appetit


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