Food from Home—Part 1

What better way to start than with food from home?  My girlfriend Emily and I visited my parents in San Francisco in September and encountered many different foods, many which represent the things I like.  This first part is entirely homemade food, made mostly by my mom 🙂

The only thing I cooked in San Francisco

Mom's Lasagna is proof you don't need meat to add flavor

These yummy handheld riceballs are one of the many things I grew up on

Miso Soup: a warm staple food for the Japanese and one my mom makes very often

Sweet blueberries and a thick flaky crust make this homemade pie a hit

Soba noodles were my grandfather's specialty and tempura compliments it perfectly

This creation is fusion of Japanese Sukiyaki and Korean Kimchi Jigae. Delish

My mom's rendition of my grandmother's poppy seed cake. One of dad's favorites growing up

They say theres no food like homemade and these dishes are certainly no exception.  Check out Part 2 for flavors we encountered throughout the bay area.

Bon Appetit


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